Computer Consulting

Computer Consulting

One of the most common tasks of NCS is to support our customers to select the right configuration for their computing needs.

These tasks also include File Server configurations, cloud host systems, E‐Mail integration, Web servers and much more.

NCS is able to provide a wide variety of top quality related products on which many customers have relied their confidence. Every single computer is thoroughly tested before it is delivered to costumers, reducing the risk of the unit return.

Also, our company offers service to the computers we sell, as well as many other brand names. This service is backed by a staff of highly trained specialists, who are able to solve most of the problems right at the costumer’s site.

The management consulting is the key of a successful system implementation. This is based on the fact that most of the computer‐based tasks performed in any corporation have an impact over the management and decision‐making process of that corporation.

NCS provides support on these areas in order to make the customer achieve maximum system integration and implementation performance for the investment.