Structure Wiring

Structure Wiring

Over 10 years of experience in structured wiring installation has been the pivotal stone of a successful implementation history.

During the last 5 years, our Structured Wiring Specialist has been responsible for the project analysis, design and development of more than 6,000 workstations governed by over 200 data, mail and web servers, over different customers and different geographical locations.

This fact constitutes a very strong background to mange any kind of network installation, no matter how small or how big it could happen to be.

But this doesn’t stand only for local area networks, but for wide area networks and gateways as well.

Most of these installations have deal with wide area networking and remote accesses, allowing customers to expand their computing boundaries outside their location, where the whole world is the limit.

Metropolitan Area Networks, ISDN links, ADSL links, MUXing, T1 and E1 links, X.25, PSDN links, are some of the communication services our company deals with.